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Company Profile

CTC is the only legal manufacturer of cigarettes in Sri Lanka and has the distinction of being one of the few entities within the BAT group to operate a fully integrated “crop to consumer” supply chain.

Our position as the country’s single largest individual tax contributor and the most valuable listed company on the Colombo Stock Exchange combined with the deep-rooted relationships we have fostered with the communities we operate in are testament to the undeniable impact we have had on Sri Lanka’s economy.

As an organization operating in a controversial industry, CTC understands the added responsibility placed on it to maintain the highest standards of corporate conduct. and takes pride in the sustainable way its operations are run. For more than 100 years of its existence in Sri Lanka, CTC has maintained a reputation for integrity and compliance with the law. Responsibility is integral to the Company’s strategy and through continuous dialogue with stakeholders, CTC works to pursue its commercial objectives in ways consistent with changing expectations of a modern tobacco business.

Our Products

Our business is not about promoting smoking. We offer our products to adults who have already made a conscious decision to smoke, and who are fully aware of the associated health risks.

CTC produces the following brands in Sri Lanka:

  • Dunhill
  • Benson & Hedges
  • John Player Gold Leaf
  • John Player Navy Cut
  • Bristol
  • Capstan