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Sustainable approach

Sustainability is not a choice or something ‘nice to have’ – it is crucial to securing the future of our company and for creating shared value for our consumers, our shareholders and our stakeholders.

Sustainability underpins our business, and for us it’s all about shared value – creating value for our shareholders, as well as always acting in the best interests of our stakeholders.

CTC’s sustainability strategy is aligned to the long-term sustainability agenda of the BAT Group, which clearly articulates three pillars of focus, namely harm reduction, sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods and corporate behavior.  These are underpinned by our ongoing focus to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, and to build a diverse and engaging culture for our people.

Our sustainability agenda

Our sustainability agenda was developed through a detailed materiality process, which we refreshed in 2017. It has identified three key areas that have the greatest significance to our business and our stakeholders, which we cover in detail in our annual Sustainability Report:

  • Harm reduction: We are committed to working to reduce the public health impact of smoking, through offering adult consumers a range of potentially reduced-risk products.
  • Sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods: We are committed to advancing sustainable agriculture and working to enable prosperous livelihoods for all farmers who supply our tobacco leaf.
  • Corporate behaviour: We are committed to operating to the highest standards of corporate conduct and transparency.

We still have a long way to go, and as much as our business has changed so has the world around us – from evolving consumer demands and opportunities in potentially reduced-risk products, to increasing expectations of the role of business in society.