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People and culture

Great people and an engaging culture are key to our success.

We are BAT – our company video

The people who help make us the company we are today take centre stage in our company video, We are BAT.

The quality of our people is a major reason why we continue to perform well – and why we are so excited about the future as we work together to deliver our commitment to transforming tobacco.

Our reputation as a leading employer helps us stand out in an increasingly competitive international employment market, and our people are key to delivering our strategy.

The accelerated pace of transformation both in our industry and the organisation demands that our people are ambitious, courageous and resilient; that they learn quickly and are responsive to opportunities; and that they continue to drive and own results.

As our organisation evolves, we continue to focus on these traits and on what has served the Group well through its history – having a culture of passionate owners and having people who lead and inspire each other for the journey ahead.

Having a talented workforce has become one of the most critical factors in our industry. We want CTC to have excellent people, engaged teams and be a great place to work. After all, it is our people who deliver our strategy.

As competition for good people intensifies, we need to build a strong and clearly differentiated reputation as an employer. For many people, the attractions of a rewarding career with a major international business that values their contribution and supports their professional learning and development, are key factors in their decision to work for us.

What kind of person is a BAT person?

With a highly successful past and an exciting future ahead of us, find out why we’re proud of our people and what makes us a truly global company.

Our Approach

Our focus is on driving high performance; developing the next generation of leaders; valuing the diversity of our employees; encouraging and rewarding entrepreneurial behaviour; and creating an engaging culture where individuals and teams can be successful.

The way our people operate is embodied in our four Guiding Principles  : Enterprising Spirit, Freedom Through Responsibility, Open Minded and Strength from Diversity. These principles underpin our culture and guide how we deliver our strategy.

The culture of the Group is about developing talent from within, stretching and supporting the high performing managers who will lead the delivery of our strategy. In 2019, over 92% of our senior appointments were drawn from people already within the business. These moves that have helped deliver stronger and more diverse leadership teams at CTC.

When we do recruit externally, we actively seek those who will provide additional knowledge and skills that will strengthen our teams and ultimately make us a stronger business.

Providing a safe place to work, protecting our employees’ wellbeing and listening to their views are also fundamental to how we operate. In short, we want a stretching and supportive culture founded on personal commitment and responsibility that attracts, engages and retains the most talented and diverse people.