We are CTC

Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC (CTC) is a leading consumer goods business in Sri Lanka.

Founded in 1906, today the company is considered as one of Sri Lanka’s most economically impactful corporates. We are a member of the British American Tobacco (BAT) Group, a multicategory consumer goods business, which operates in over 180 markets with factories in over 40 countries.

CTC is the only legal manufacturer of cigarettes in Sri Lanka and has the distinction of being one of the few entities within the Group to operate a fully integrated “crop to consumer” supply chain.

Operating in a highly regulated environment, more than 83 per cent of the retail price of our products is collected by the Government of Sri Lanka in the form of excise, levies and taxes. We have the distinction of being the single highest tax revenue contributor to the state and one of the most valuable companies listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

We support over 176,000 livelihoods across the business and purchase our entire tobacco leaf requirement locally guaranteeing sustainable farmer livelihoods to over 20,000 tobacco farmers. By

As a responsible corporate entity, we believe in the balanced regulation of tobacco products and seek to address regulatory issues and respond to the evolving interests of our stakeholders with an open mind and in a transparent manner. Responsibility is integral to our strategy and through continuous dialogue with our stakeholders, we work to pursue our commercial objectives in ways consistent with changing expectations of a modern tobacco business.

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