Youth Access Prevention

Our role in preventing youth access to our products.

We believe our products are only suitable for adults and we do not want people who are under the legal minimum age to use them.

We fully support laws and regulations prohibiting the sale of our products to anyone under the legal minimum age in their country. To drive change across the industry, we also advocate to governments for minimum age laws where these aren’t already in place, and for tougher penalties for those who breach them.

A Global Approach

It’s essential that any tobacco or nicotine products are not marketed to youth. Given the nature of our products, we take seriously our commitment to market them responsibly and only to adults.

That’s why our operations in our markets worldwide are required to follow marketing principles, which are globally consistent and demonstrate our commitment to marketing appropriately.

Our International Marketing Principles (IMP)   provide detailed guidance on all aspects of our marketing of our conventional combustible tobacco products and our potentially reduced-risk products portfolio. Central to the principles is our commitment that our marketing is aimed only at adult consumers and is not designed to engage or appeal to youth.

Youth Access Prevention in Sri Lanka

Youth Access PreventionOur commitment to only sell our products to adult smokers, over the age of 21 years, ensures that we,

  • work directly with retailers to uphold minimum age laws and our own internal standards; and
  • support retailers by providing training and awareness on applicable laws as well as point-of-sale materials such as YAP stickers.